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Cream Cheese Pastry

I just love pastry, both making and eating. Pastry making can be tricky and to find this no fuss pastry is a great find.Cream Cheese Pastry

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Fascinating Food Fact

The word “marmalade” derives from the Portuguese “marmelo”, which means quince, so marmalade was originally quince jam. It was clearly a luxury item in 1524, when the first written record … Continue reading

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New Theme

Updated the theme. Using a magazine format which I hope can display the recipes.

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Local Harvest

Local Harvest is a handy website that helps you make local food choices. There’s a national directory of shops, food co-ops, organic retailers, community gardens, farmers’ markets and more to … Continue reading

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Christmas Shortbread

I just love making this buttery Christmas Shortbread, the recipe I use is meant to be placed in a round tin and cut into wedges as the dough is very … Continue reading

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White Christmas

As a child growing up, Mum and I would always make White Christmas. As a child I would be in charge of the mixing and Mum would heat the copha. … Continue reading

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A tribute to my mother

I am in the process of putting together a recipe book of the recipes that my mother cooked during my childhood, the recipes and the writing of the book provide … Continue reading

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Cream Puff Pastry (Choux Pastry or Pate a Chou)

The fine art of choux pastry.

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Celebrating Golden Circle

Today, is a beautiful sunny day in Brisbane, Queensland. Nothing more Queensland than Golden Circle. What a great day to have a BBQ. The Golden Circle Tropical recipe book ©, … Continue reading

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Food and Nutrition Booklet

In amongst the collection, there are a number of small booklets featuring products of bygone times. The food and Nutrition booklet issued by the QLD Health Education Council does not … Continue reading

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