Retro Cookery….sharing my love of vintage cookery books, cooking and great food.


Having been raised in a family of cooks, two grandmothers who both were champion cake cooks and a mother who taught me all about cooking. Spending many Sunday afternoons in the kitchen baking treats for school, although on many occasions the baked goods never made it to the school lunchbox . I have a love of retro cookery books and kitchen appliances.

This blog is all about vintage recipe books and sharing the love of old recipes.

In my past life as a full-time food stylist, I had the pleasure to work with a number of talent people, due to full time work not being sustainable I have returned to paid employment as continue my passion as a part time food stylist, I enjoy the making food as well as the presentation.

I credit this blog to my Mum who was not only a loving mother she was a great cook and a just loved spending time with her in the kitchen. I treasure her recipe books and look forward to sharing her recipes.

I am in the process of putting together a recipe book of the recipes that my mother cooked during my childhood, the recipes and the writing of the book provide comfortable for me in times of sadness as I miss the discussions in the kitchen when we used to cook together. The book when published will be given to each of her grandchildren.

Hope you enjoy the blog….


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